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Mons Veneris The mons veneris, Latin for "hill of Venus" Roman Goddess of love is the pad of fatty tissue that covers the pubic bone below the abdomen but above the labia. When stimulated, Bartholin glands located beside the vaginal opening secrete a thick fluid that supplies lubrication for intercourse. When it is more intact, it rarely covers that opening completely, but has little holes and perforations in it. However, that pain or bleeding is more commonly because you had sex without being aroused enough to be properly lubricated, or did not use extra lubricant if needed. This more direct contact between the vagina and portions of the clitoris distal to the shaft and glans produces increased vaginal sensitivity that is unlikely or impossible if these clitoral structures are distributed through out a larger volume. These hormones control things like your period and pregnancy.
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The Sexual Anatomy Of Women: Vulva and Vagina

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Vulval image - showing distribution of pubic hair over labia major and upper legs, clitoral hood, labia minora, introitus entrance to vagina and urethral opening , perineum and anal skin tag. Perineal raphe in female. Are you a parent, a teacher or a youth worker? Also, because the Skenes glands are alongside the bladder, some women may found that the increased pressure makes them feel as if they need to urinate. The vagina serves as the receptacle for the penis during sexual intercourse, and as the birth canal through which the baby passes during labor.
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This image was taken to show the woman's clitoris, in particular, but also shows part of her vulva. Merz, Eberhard; Bahlmann, F. Retrieved 10 August An Illustrated Reference Guide". All of the words below are part of the vulva.
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Retrieved 6 March Resources In This Article Medical Dictionary. In September , the American College of Obstetricians and Gynecologists issued a committee opinion on these and other female genital surgeries, including "vaginal rejuvenation", "designer vaginoplasty ", "revirgination", and " G-spot amplification". During puberty the mons pubis enlarges, pushing the forward portion of the labia majora away from the pubic bone, and parallel to the ground when standing. Merz, Eberhard; Bahlmann, F. The G-spot being analogous to the base of the male penis has additionally been theorized, with sentiment from researcher Amichai Kilchevsky that because female fetal development is the "default" state in the absence of substantial exposure to male hormones and therefore the penis is essentially a clitoris enlarged by such hormones, there is no evolutionary reason why females would have an entity in addition to the clitoris that can produce orgasms.
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